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Peerless Water Color Complete Edition Book 

The most convenient form yet devised to keep colors clean and available for instant use. The color sheet is a heavy film of highly concentrated pure color of intense strength and absolute solubility. The color is coated on one side of a special paper fabric that readily discharges when it comes into contact with water or any soluble mixture. The Complete Edition Book has 15 color sheets (2 1/2" x 6 1/2") and instructions.

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Complete Edition - Set of 15 colors - $15

Peerless Bonus Pak - SMALL 

Contains 40 additional colors not included in the Complete Edition Books. These additional color sheets will greatly expand anyone's Palette. Each sheet is 2 x 2". Small Bonus Paks are available labeled or unlabeled.  The colors in the unlabeled set are easily identifiable with a master color list.  

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Small Bonus Pak - unlabeled $23.00


Small Bonus Pak - labeled $33.00

Peerless Bonus Pak - LARGE 

Contains 40 additional colors not included in the Complete Edition Books. These additional color sheets will greatly expand anyone's Palette. Each sheet is 2.5 x 6.5". Both sizes of the Bonus Pak contain the same 40 colors.  (these colors are the same as the Small Bonus Pak)

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Large Bonus Pak - Set of 40 colors - $60

Hair Colors 

We decided to bring back some authentic hair colors that were originally used to tint photos before color photography existed.  These formulas are over 130 years old!  

If you see vintage hand tinted photographs in antique stores, they were most likely tinted with Nicholson's Peerless Transparent Watercolors in the early 1900's!  Chas. Nicholson worked hand in hand with Kodak Photography from 1902 - 1920.

The colors include: Black Hair,  Blonde Hair, Auburn Hair, Flaxen Hair, Red Golden Hair, Chestnut Hair, Dark Brown Hair

Hair Colors - Set of 7 Colors  - $11

Peerless Dry Spot Set 

Specifically designed for retouching Black and White photos, this set contains 5 shades that can be used alone or combined to match B/W print tones.

Shades provided: Pearl Gray, Warm Sepia, Lamp Black, Ivory Black and Spotting Black Opaque.


DrySpot Set - Set of 5 colors - $9

Peerless Transparent Metallics 

We offer 3 different metallic washes. Each wash is transparent with metallic shimmer. The shimmer is not as thick and grainy as glitter. It is a perfect formula of shine and shimmer that can enhance any surface. Mix Peerless Transparent Metallics with your favorite Peerless Color and create your OWN metallic color!

Peerless Transparent Metallics - $6

Pretty In Pink Color Set 

6 All New Colors! These 6 pinks are not found in any of our other sets. All six of these colors are sold exclusively in this Pretty In Pink color set. 6 2x6" color swatches for only $9. Lip Smackin' Pink, Blush Rose Pink, Carnation Pink, Bubble Gum, Mixed Berry, Garnet.


Pretty In Pink - Set of 6 colors - $9.50

Jane Davenport - Peerless Artist Edition 

A beautiful set of 60 hand selected colors chosen by Jane Davenport. This set contains 54 of Jane's favorite colors from the Complete Edition & Bonus Pak PLUS 6 colors that are not found in any other sets and exclusively packaged and sold for Jane Davenport - Magenta, Larkspur, Jane's Grey, Make Up, Contour and Nectar. Each LABELED swatch is approximately 2x2" This set is only available here and at The Institute of Cute.

Jane Davenport Peerless Artist Edition - $49

Jane Davenports 5 colors 

Jane's endless search for the perfect portrait colors has finally ended. These 5 colors are in her Artist Edition set. If you already have her old set, you may want to add these 5 swatches to your palette. These colors are ONLY available through Jane or Peerless Color.


This set is only available here and at The Institute of Cute.

Each LABELED swatch is approximately 2x2"


Jane Davenport 5 portrait colors - $10

NiJi Waterbrush  

Tired of that murky glass of dirty water when you paint? Try our waterbrush! It is perfect for an 'on the go' artist who likes to paint anywhere! Fill the barrel of the brush with clean water and never need a cup of water for painting again! Trust me... you'll love it!

Niji Waterbrush - $13

If you are interested in purchasing individual DrySheet Colors or 1 ounce liquid bottles, please contact us at info@peerlesscolor.com.  

Individual Drysheet Colors are $2.00 ea.

1 oz bottles of Liquid Color are $6.00 ea         You can view the available colors here.  

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